Since 1983 we -Wanda Oud and Erik van Duin- lived together in various places in Holland.
In 2008 we moved to Germany, and this of course together with all our animals: dogs, horses, chickens, cats, minipigs ducks, emu’s and so on...
Millions of things happened but here we give you just a quick impression.

Erik Erik had his first Leonberger in 1973, Gyurcitarjan Orrash, who sadly died of bone cancer in 1976. He then bought Iarbas van de Tafelronde. With him he not only worked a lot but also got involved in breeding and all the "complications" that come with that.... For example he was in the committee of the Dutch Leonberger Club from 1978 till 1990.

Wanda Wanda bought her first Leo Loni van de Tafelronde in 1977 for her parents but instantly fell in love with the breed and soon came Mindoluin van de Tafelronde. After buying Ondula van Gaisberg in Germany in 1979 the motivation and basis for breeding was there. The first litter "of Pelgrims Ring" was born in 1980, 35 litters were to follow in the next 30 years. For the turbulent history that has to do with breeding Leonbergers please see their pages.

The world of Leo's is small, especially in that time, so we knew each other but were not friendly to each other, on the contrary! Our only link were the Leonbergers. In 1982 we discovered the other side of the line and since 1983 we live together.
We always had a lot of animals, so we found ourselves a place in the country were we would have enough space for them all. We travelled around a lot in Europe to visit expositions, went on many long trips to mate our bitches and of course we met lots of really nice Leonberger people. Some of them became very good and trustworthy friends. As we are not the type of persons that stay under the grass level when there is trouble of course we also have some enemies, some of them serious threads. But we learned to live with that too.

In 1992 the first Noriker horses from Austria came to live with us and a whole new experience in horse breeding and working with them began. As most people, we also have to live and earn money. Erik worked hard as an architect for different company’s and I worked in our company at home. In 2002 this expanded so much that I stopped breeding Leo’s because I simply did not have the time anymore. I was on this lonely ship and had to sail along.
Until 2006, when everything changed and we decided to sell the farm and look for a place abroad: France or Germany. After a very long search it became Germany, more specific the Eifel. There we found a totally ruined farm with a lot of land in the middle of nowhere. Just what we wanted. We moved in September 2008 and spent all our time and energy to build the place up again. We also needed the time to relax after all the stress of the last years. So far, so good. Now we have time again to show our dogs and we are planning a litter in 2010. All the animals found their place, just like us, on this lovely lonely mountain surrounded by woods and fields. We call it Pelgrims Park!