4 March 2012

Loefkes brother and sister visiting

We will try to update the story of the L-litter!

Lotte, Loefke, Dametje, Yvonne and Bobje

Lotte, Loefke, Dametje, Yvonne and Bobje

Daisy, Lotte, Loefke, Dametje, Yvonne and Bobje
11 July 2011

3 puppies born!

Yesterday and tonight 2 female puppies and one male puppy were born. The first male (blue, for Alfons and Yvonne) and 5 hours later the first bitch (yellow). Much later and with a lot of work the second bitch (red).
A complete report on the birth will follow later, here are some pictures:

Dametje tired but happy with her puppies

12-7-2011 the proud mother

12-7-2011 the tree puppies in sleep.

Nikito visiting the puppies 11-7-2011

12-7-2011 blue

blue 12-7-2011

yellow 12-7-2011

red 12-7-2011
3 June 2011

Scan made with Dametje: she is pregnant!

This morning a scan is made with Dametje. Although we were in a very early stage at least two puppies were clearly visible. Only the belly was scanned, at this stage of development it is very difficult to see something behind the ribs. Now we know for sure that she needs extra food and of course Calcium.
Sorry that this time we could not make pictures of the scan itself!

8 May 2011

Dametje Mated!


Dametje 14 May 2011

The mother to our planned L-Litter is Kimaciboa's Bo Derrek.

She is now three and a half years old and has done all her tests which are necessary to be allowed to be bred from within the German Leonberger Club: at the 9th of October she did her breeding selection test and passed with 102,83 points. She is HD A2, cataract, pra, entropion and ectropion free (not obliged in Germany).
At three shows in Germany she got her qualifications from German breed judges.

More data like photo’s, pedigree and show results you can find on her pages:

Click here for Dametjes personal pages.

The father is Barton Océane du Clos des Tzars de Montagne.

He did his breeding selection test with the French Leonberger Club, his breeding value is level 4. He is HD-B, cataract, pra, entropion and ectropion free.
Also he is French Champion and Winner of the Swiss Club show 2010 and the French Club show (Cluny) 2010

Pedigree Barton:

Click here for the complete pedigree of Barton in the
"International Leonberger Database."

7 May 2011 Barton Océane
du Clos des Tzars de Montagne


Dametje is now three years old and has developed nicely into a middle big, harmoniously build bitch with a beautiful chestnut brown middle long coat. Her originally jet black high mask got a bit less and is now black with a shade of brown. Eyes are dark brown, ears set and carried very well, teeth complete and scissor bite. Bone is normal, she has nice “cat feet”, tail could be longer and more bushy. She has a sound movement which goes logically with her harmonious body. In character she is typical Leonberger, joyful and nice to visitors, she guards her territory and everything which is around it by barking as one of the first but then waits till the other dogs come to help. She is nice to all the animals on the yard, has no hunting passion.

What would I like to see again in the pups:

What I certainly want to establish is her sound, harmonious body with the excellent relation length-height, her dark eyes and her beautiful chestnut coat color. This you find very rarely in Leonbergers nowadays!

What would I like to improve in the offspring:

I would like to gain more body overall: more size and more, heavy bone. Also a longer coat, more feathering on the legs and a longer, more bushy tail.


Dametje 14 May 2011

Barton 7 May 2011
Why Barton as partner?

Barton is a big (81 cm), heavy build, very harmonious male with a sound movement, a beautiful long, sleek coat with a lot of pigment and long feathering. Also he has a nice long bushy tail. Eyes are dark, ears are placed and carried correct. Character is typical Leonberger: happy, easy going, attentive, loves people and other animals.

Raoul du Manoir de Löwenberg 2007
His father Raoul is with his 10 /2 years still an impressive male and in good health. Barton is very much like his father in exterior and character and we hope he will reach the same age without problems. In both males I see the harmonious body, the sound movement and the heavy bones. In color both males are (now) very dark in coat, that is: they show a lot of pigment. Both have the same dark eyes and good ear set. So you can say those are qualities that are strong in this line and the chance that Barton gives this to his offspring is very likely. Also the grandfather Nash was a very big, heavy dog with extremely strong bone but he was not so dark in coat. Last but not least I chose Barton because of his lines.

7 May 2011 Barton du Clos des Tzars de Montagne
Genetic variation L-litter.

The offspring from the combination Barton X Dametje are a mix of (mostly) French and Scandinavian (originally German) bloodlines. In the first four generations we see no common ancestors. In the 5th generation we find Arak Gomello vom Eichbühl on fathers side and his son Equem du Roseraie de Chenay on mothers side.
Arak Gomello vom Eichbuel 8-4-1993
photo Katie Walder

Equem de la Roseraile de Chenay October 1995

Nizan du Chateau de Reveillon 1985

Kiserdei Dolli Seigneleger 1992
Arak Gomello (12.09.1985 – 22.04.1996) was the son of Nizan du Château de Réveillon, one of the founders of the French Leonbergers. His mother, Kiserdei Dolli, was a beautiful, very heavy build harmonious bitch with a deep dark red coat. She showed herself beautiful at the age of 10 and a half years old at the Swiss Club show in 1992. Both Nizan, Arak Gomello as Dolli lived more than 10 years.
Arak Gomello was an harmonious, big male with a sound movement, nice long red brown coat, HD-A, good head and good character. Unfortunately he mated extremely many bitches. Especially in Scandinavia (Finland) his resulted in the appearance of traits in the breed we try to get rid of: teeth problems and monorchid and/or cryptochid males. In the combination Barton X Dametje I do not think this will be a problem because all the brothers in both litters have their testicles. Concerning the teeth problems: one sister to Dametje misses one P2. Of all the 29 children of Jorantou-Japp (Dick) in three litters she is the only one. In the I and J-litter (his father’s line) all teeth were complete and also in the litter that Pancho his brother all teeth were complete. In Barton’s litter there were no teeth problems.

In Dametjes line we find in the 5e generation Senora Muchassa av Lykseth twice. She was the mother to our X-litter and our E-litter, both with totally different males. Although she came from Norway her ancestors are mainly German and Belgian (=German after two generations). Her grandfather Arko av Nordens Love was also her grand-grandfather via Lowengolds Nathalia. He was a lovely, typical Leonberger (multi-champion) and got very old. At the age of 8 he sired a litter of puppies in Sweden. Senora was HD Tc, cataract and PRA free.
She was not very high, harmonious in body, had a nice head and a good character.
In the fourth generation we find mainly German lines(except 1 x Swiss: Argus von Crümelbach; 1 x Dutch: Gyursitarjan Iwanowitch; 1 x French: Niobe d’Aryana Vaedja).

Senora Muchassa av Lykseth 1995

Ancestors Senora:
La Timanfaya av Lykseth, Jason von Aback, Lowengolds Natalia

Ancestors Senora:
Ragnarikets Lucifer av Lykseth, Arko av Nordens Love
Both from her X as from her E litter many dogs and bitches were used for breeding in Holland, Germany, Austria, England, Canada and USA. In both litters (X and E) all dogs had a complete scissor bite, good HD results, no monorchid or cryptochid males, no special illnesses.

Dametje is LPN1 D/N. Her father died unfortunately ( liver tumor) in 2009 before there was even the thought there could be gene test for this. Lots of people did not know polyneuropathie existed. Her mother is not tested (yet) but cannot be anything else than N/N. Also her two half sisters and a half brother are D/N, one half brother is N/N. The rest is not tested so far. This inherited trait come definitely from Jorantou-Japp, who must have been D/N. He never in the 8 years of his life showed any signs of polyneuropathie. Unfortunately I cannot, even by studying all his lines, find from which ancestor he got it. In Barton’s lines we have not found any signs of LPN1 so far. The puppies will be both N/N and D/N but will never show any signs of LPN1. The now available test is a very helpful tool to breed out this illness, because with only using tested parents we, as breeders, can make sure no affected puppy’s will be born. I use the result of the test just like I use the result of the tests for HD, eyes, etc. The test result of Dametje is, considering her good qualities and good lines, no reason not to breed with her. We need the genepool too much to exclude dogs from breeding.
In the last three or more decennia we probably did breed with lots of Leonbergers which were LPN1 D/N without knowing it. In all cases that must have been with partners which were N/N in our breeding, because we never had a Leonberger with signs of LPN1 in our breeding for 31 years. Now that we can test it will certainly be done so that we can be sure there will be no puppy’s being born with LPN1 D/D.

Barton Clubsieger SLC 2010
General goal for our breeding:

Besides the goals for this litter, as written in this chapter, I try as usual to keep the genetic genepool as wide as possible. In this way the vitality and expected long livety can be influenced in a positive way. Also the possibility to find partners for the pups which are not or not much related in the future is bigger. The larger the genepool of our Leonbergers the longer we can enjoy them in good health in the future!

Barton 1th open males NATIONALE CLUNY 17-10-2010